The easiest way to buy $CARMA is through our own dex, MagicSwap! You can also purchase on PancakeSwap or Hotbit!

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange. In order to buy $CARMA you will need to have a wallet configured to the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) with BNB tokens. From their look up the $CARMA address in the exchange and trade your BNB for $CARMA.

Hotbit is a centralized exchange. You can set up an account and buy crypto either BNB or BTC to trade for $CARMA. While easier, you do not immediately get the holder benefits from others’ transactions since Hotbit actually holders your tokens.

There are videos and links below.


1. Create a Wallet

Create a wallet you can install as a Chrome Extension or use on your phone. We suggest Metamask or Trust Wallet

2. Buy BNB

Buy Binance Smart Chain tokens, abbreviated BNB (MAKE SURE IT’S BNB ON BINANCE SMART CHAIN), by direct purchase on an exchange such as KuCoin or exchange your existing crypto such as Bitcoin for BNB. Then send it to your wallet.

3. Go To MagicSwap

Your wallet will connect automatically when you load your favorite wallet dapps/browser and navigate to

4. Purchase $CARMA

Swap your Smartchain BNB for $CARMA.

Next, set slippage to 10% by selecting the gear icon.

Confirm the swap by pressing “confirm” and confirming in your wallet. Then press swap. Wait for transaction to complete.

5. Hodl & Earn


The community gets 5% of each transaction as a reward automatically, so the longer you keep $CARMA the more you earn!


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